Corporate career paths, pay scales!

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Hello all

I have been having trouble locating job progression/paths and pay scales for this industry but I'm very interested in the courses I've taken in corporate finance. I wanted to know if taking this leap will is a good option for someone intending on being the breadwinner.

I'm currently interning for a F1000. I'm not interested in working for such a large company. I spent a week watching orientation videos and I only have a handful of tasks that are interchangeable daily. I look around and everyone is in the same boat, nobody has much access to a variety of new projects. I can see already that I'm a small firm kind of employee.

I'm also considering moving to Charlotte, NC where my university holds no weight. I think it's a dangerous leap, but I'm qualified for CPA/CMA in NC as well as Oregon which might help me separate myself from other starting level applicants.