Corporate Strategy/Development Associate role at a PE PortCo

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Hello all,

I currently work at PE consulting firm (similar to StepStone, Hamilton, TorreyCove) and have been attempting to transition into a more transactional role. I have a second round interview for Corp Strat/Dev and was curious about people's experience in similar roles. I don't have very much modeling experience other than going through BIWS courses and creating my own models. I create sensitivities on models at my work occasionally but never create them from scratch. I am kind of surprised I made it to the second round and am wondering what I can do to best prepare. It is in the educational software industry so I am anticipating a lot of industry questions and probably some technical, although the phone interview didn't involve any technical questions. I would love to hear thoughts/tips as I feel I am bit underqualified but will do whatever it takes to best spin my skills and experience.

Thank you in advance!

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Dec 1, 2018