Cover Letters - Applying to a top bank in trading

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When applying to a top bank (sales and trading) for summer analyst position are cover letters really necessary? Will the recruiters not even consider you if you do not have a cover letter. I know a few people who got SA offers and did not ever write a cover letter to the bank. Thanks for the help

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Oct 5, 2007

your cover letter is your opportunity to speak to a recruiter when you are not there. this is the op you have to tell them why the need to grant you an intgerview and furthermore a SAP

Oct 5, 2007

I think:

It depends on how you are applying. If this is an unsolicited application (i.e. online, through a contact, etc) then a cover letter is absolutely necessary.
If you are just sending it through a resume drop at your target school, then it's not very important. (You don't need to SAY why you are worth an interview in a letter if you can SHOW you are worth an interview in your resume.)

Oct 6, 2007

If you are applying online just as a formality, but you have good contacts in the bank that you actually know and talk to on a regular basis that can definitely push your resume through, than is it really necessary to write one?

Oct 6, 2007