Decent HF Internship to Banking. How to position myself (and my resume) to land FT interviews?

I am a rising senior at target school. I am finishing up my internship this summer at a hedge fund and loved the experience. Unfortunately a return offer is not an option here, and I need to start recruiting for FT positions. I will be applying to almost everything to increase odds of being employed, but I will be targeting banking

I would love some resume pointers. Here's what I did during the internship (I purposefully kept it unpolished to get open-ended suggestions:

-Built models for three companies in Industrials (DCF, comps analysis, revenue projections by segment, pro forma fin statements, adjustable assumptions, variance page, etc)
-Talked to ER associates about said companies
-Updated said models when 2Q earnings were released
-Attended IPO roadshow and attempted valuation
-Became familiar with three sectors within Industrials
-Listened in on over 20 earnings calls during July/Aug

Thanks in advance for all your time! I will be actively responding to replies to generate some discussion and hopefully help any others who may find this valuable.

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Aug 1, 2018