Double degree vs double major

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Hey, this is my first post.

I know double majoring is pretty normal in US (I think) but since I do not live in US there is no possibility for me to double major. However, I am currently doing my Master's in engineering and a Bachelor in business administration at the same time and I would really like to work in finance or consulting. How do companies perceive people with double degrees?

The reason why you might wonder why I am studying business at the same time is because I am quite tired of all the quantative stuff and I'd like to get another dimension in my life. I would also like to work in finance/consulting but it feels like a waste with all the maths etc I have studied. Sometimes I feel it might be overkill with two degrees and perhaps I should change program that focuses on financial mathematics instead, or is it still possible to have a good shot in these industries with my current knowledge?

Also, as I have noticed extra curricular/work seems to be beneficial to your resume. I am currently working in lab but should I perhaps find a new job that is related to finance/consulting? I think having different kind of experience might be good as it diversifies your resume but I am not sure.

Thank you for your time

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Feb 11, 2019