Dream is running away for MBA or to work in PE. Need help before it's too late

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I need a little guidance here. I completed my undergrad almost 9 years ago at upstate SUNY Plattsburgh. I've worked for a well known financial service company ( discount broker/asset gatherer) for the majority of my career. My dream was to work as a broker/financial advisor and I can say I was successful at achieving becoming one. After being in the role for 5 years now, I can say my dream has changed. My dream is to work in PE. I do not have the experience to transition into PE. I do not have an MBA or IB experience. I would like to complete an MBA or go straight to PE, but do not have the means of accomplishing this goal. I'm married with a new born baby. Own a home, car, and wife does not work. I need to continue working for insurance and do not have savings to leave work for extended period of time. I feel at this point of my career, that I'm typecast and most desired within other discount asset gatherers. How can I break the mold and earn the opportunity to prove myself and transition to the next stage of my career?