Easy ways to start investing with $10,000

Ten thousand dollars can be called quite a serious capital. With this money, you can buy a car or any other expensive thing. But it is rather unwise to spend such a sum of money on a large purchase.

After all, it can be profitable to invest and in the future constantly receive income from your investment. A new source of income will improve the quality of your own life. Also, the need to go to work may disappear in future. Although it sounds like a fantasy, but such result may well become a reality thanks to successful investments. So where is the best place to invest $ 10,000?

Residential and commercial real estate

Of course, you could start with real estate. This approach can be called quite justified! After all, the money invested in real estate is reliably protected from the effects of inflation. The value of the real estate itself, although quite slowly, but steadily goes up. Cherry on cake is the fact that real estate allows you to get a lot of money when it is rented out.

The income can be from 5 to 30 percent per annum of the cost of the object. Everything here depends on what form of delivery the owner chooses. It's no secret that short-term rental of residential real estate is much more profitable than long-term.

Also do not forget about commercial real estate. Perhaps you are engaged in some business yourself. In this case, you can use part of the available space for your own needs, and rent the other part to interested people. Of course, everything here depends on the locality, as well as the area of the property. But the fact remains. Real estate is one of the most serious investment objects.

Your own business

Since in the previous paragraph we remembered about our own business. Perhaps no other investment will give you as much leverage as investing in your business. Because here everything will depend only on you and your skills. It is that should be the starting point when choosing a particular case. In no case should you invest in an industry that you do not understand.

In addition, you should not delegate extensive credentials to others at the initial stages of business. Businessman should maintain full control over his own business. Otherwise, the invested capital can very quickly evaporate in an unknown direction, and the investor will simply become a bankrupt.


A bank deposit will be a good choice for conservative investors. Why is that? Because $10,000 can be laid out with great effect. At the same time, a bank deposit allows the investor not to participate in the business. This means that you can fully immerse yourself in other areas of activity.

At the same time, the accrued interest will regularly come to the card or be added to the main amount of the deposit. As we said above, the main disadvantage here is low profitability.
At the same time, the interest accrued under the terms of the deposit in the national currency is most often offset by the impact of inflation. In this case, the purchasing power of capital does not change.

So it is more profitable to make deposits in foreign currency. Although the interest rate on such deposits is at the level of the minimum value, but it is quite consistent with the real one. And the purchasing power of capital in case of the dollar or euro will increase even simply due to the growth of the exchange rate of this currency in relation to the monetary unit of your state.

Gold and other metals

Precious metals are also the choice of cautious and reserved investors. Gold almost never loses in value. But in this case, it is also not necessary to count on excess profits. The easiest way to purchase gold and other precious metals is to buy new jewelry.

But in this case, you will have to significantly overpay. After all, the cost of the product includes not only the cost of the material, but also the cost of the work. So the purchase of precious metals in jewelry stores should not be considered. Many people buy gold products in ordinary pawnshops. It just so happens that the average person trusts only those things that are in his hands.

But a variety of government and financial institutions do not cause such confidence. If you belong to this category of people, then it is quite possible to consider as an actual option the purchase of precious metals on the secondary market. That's just have to acquire special knowledge that will help you distinguish a fake from a genuine.

Next, you should turn your attention to bank bars. The same gold can be purchased in different weight bars. Investment coins can be attributed here as well.

The downside of such an investment is that you will overpay a lot when purchasing an ingot. After all, just as in the case of a currency, there is a buying and selling rate. So the purchased gold should not be sold in 2-3 months after purchases. Another disadvantage is that physical damage significantly affects the value of the ingot. And in the future, when buying your gold, the banking institution may accept it at a price below the market price.

The last method of acquiring precious metals is a bank account in metal. You will not physically get gold. At the same time, a metal account will be opened for you. In fact, it does not differ from an ordinary account in monetary units. That's just the cost of your electronic gold will be equivalent to real gold. This means that in the future you will be able to sell gold from a metal account with a significant profit.

In addition, some banking institutions offer to open a savings metal account. In this case, the capital gain is not only due to the increase in the value of the asset, but also due to the interest rate. 10,000 dollars is quite possible to invest in precious metals!

Market of mobile applications

And of course, we couldn't help but mention about our field. Mobile apps are one of the fastest growing industries. Promising projects appear almost every day and, if it becomes successful, it begins to quickly bring profit to investors through monetization and advertising.

But this area also has its own nuances. You should not immediately invest in the first application that interests you, first you need to carefully study the market and find out which applications are more promising and in demand. It is also worth considering how stable start-ups are to the economic situation.

And even if all the points above match and you decide to still invest in the application, do not rush. Learn more about the owner and his past projects. This can say a lot, maybe it's just a scam, be careful.

And since we're talking about promising start-ups, find out more about the Promenad. We love to repeat this, but we are not just a start-up, our approach to business and development is fundamentally different from all others. Our investors sign legal contracts under the jurisdiction of the United States, which guarantee payments with interest is from 14 per year. The probability of losing your funds is close to zero. In addition, you will definitely be interested in the app itself, , Promenade creates a very different experience of using dating apps.

Of course, it is best to make some kind of diversification and invest your money in various tools that will be independent of each other. In this case, it will certainly be possible to avoid a complete loss of financial resources. And with this approach to investing, it is much easier to choose the most effective project or tool. In the future, you can invest all your capital in it!

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