English-speaking opportunities in Tokyo

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Greetings all ~

Long-time lurker, first time poster.

First of all, let me state the rationale for my exploration of Tokyo opportunities. My wife is Japanese and we just had our first child, currently living on the West coast. We both talk about wanting to relocate to the Tokyo area, but only under the right job circumstances.

I've read through all the old posts and would like to understand the existing job climate for English-speaking finance professionals in Tokyo... Preferably for non-Japanese companies.

I currently work in leveraged finance risk at a BB firm (associate), but wouldn't necessarily be opposed to working towards an S&T role or even PWM banker.

I would have est 4 years to prepare for this transition. Does anyone have any current knowledge of the employment environment and/or challenges English-speaking finance professionals face in Tokyo today?

Would also love to know est. comp for mid-level finance roles for foreigners working at foreign companies.

Couple notes:
I will not be fluent in Japanese and possibly not at business-level either.
My current company does have an office in Tokyo, but all the employees appear to be Japanese except the IT folks.


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Jan 13, 2019