Excel test for TPG, Carlyle, KKR Real Estate?

Hi all

I have gotten through to the final round of a development finance boutique that is back by a big PE group (think KKR, TPG, Carlyle).

The final round is an excel test held by one of the above. Just wondering if anyone has done the excel test for one of these? The job is Real Estate focused so I assume it will be some sort of RE valuation.

Any info is greatly appreciated.

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Mar 1, 2019

whats the time given?

Mar 14, 2019

40 mins

Mar 1, 2019

Congrats on the TPG interview!

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Mar 1, 2019

Why would they do the excel test at the end? In my experience, you go through a HR interview followed by the interview with someone on the team. Usually after that I've been given an excel test.

Anyways, I had an interview with Hines (sounds similar to what you are doing) where I essentially was asked to model the same case study in this video:

The only difference is I had to incorporate outside the term free rent. I was given an hour to complete this, and I had some questions at the end. I would be prepared to walk someone through your methodology, and reasons as to why you would/wouldn't do the deal.

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Mar 14, 2019

40 minute test so something like this may be unlikely?

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Mar 1, 2019

I mean its possible. Maybe they wont throw any curveballs in the prompt.

Mar 1, 2019

1 Hour for a full model + waterfall? jeez.

Mar 1, 2019

The waterfall was extra credit

Mar 15, 2019