Exit Opps?

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Just wondering what my future exit opps are. Love where I am now, but obviously also want to make sure I'm planning well and staying on the right track.

Out of school for 2 years now. During my senior year I interned doing asset management for a mid-size bridge lender and upon graduating was there for another year and a half doing both acquisitions and asset management. A few months ago I started doing originations at an agency lender.

I'd like to eventually get into a small to mid-size development firm and then get my masters in RE development and start doing my own deals.

My experience thus far has been enjoyable and useful, I believe, but I am worried about my lack of technical job experience. I have a quantitative degree, which I'm sure is helpful, but I haven't had to do much modeling or anything along that line.

Just wondering if making the move from an agency lender to the equity/development side is common and what the typical journey is.

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Feb 8, 2019