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Hi folks,

Currently deciding between a F500 FDP offer (large tech company) and a few other roles.

Looking down the line, I think working in transaction advisory, or "deals" as PwC calls it, would be really interesting. Is it possible to go from FDP into a more senior role in TAS at the Big 4? Why is it that I rarely ever see this happening on LinkedIn etc?

I know I could get into Corp dev or strategy at my company but it would likely take the two year program and then an additional two years to get applicable experience to actually have a shot. Nothing wrong with that, but I'd love to get the transaction experience at a younger age.

Definitely possible to do the program and then an MBA-> Big 4 but I'd prefer not to go do a full time MBA due to $$$

Any input is appreciated. Thanks in advance

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Aug 19, 2019

You'd come in as a Senior. Deal typically only do external hires at the Sr, Director, and MD level. The latter of the two would require industry expertise to be considered. You dont see many people exit from CF to Deals on LinkedIn because the group is less well known and because many people only see it as a stepping stone to IB.

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Aug 19, 2019

Thanks very much for the response. Greatly appreciated.

So senior is like, what, like 3-5 years of industry experience? Sounds fair enough

Aug 19, 2019
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