final check on career choices and follow ups

basically my understanding of career choices and follow ups so far (that match my interests: i have no interest in being part of the S&T force and i have no interest in the possibility of joining some macro fund; risk mng isn't also my flavour fo the week):

1) IB M&A, tough to enter, you have to endure brutal hours & monkey business => you may transition to PE for pay/prestige/feeling to actually invest if you shine or may transition to HF (event driven mainly and/or L/S) if you manage to survive the recruting process
2) IB lev fin/capital markets same as before with maybe a little more intellectual work if you work in lev finance => may be doable to break into some HF (distressed companies) and you may have some other opportunities
3) ER basically you have to do marketing, a lot => everyone seems to seek the transition to the buy side, which means AM as well as HF, where being right/wrong actually matters. it could become troublesome to sell yourself outside your area of coverage/expertise

closing word: IB seems to give an "all round" skillset which can be used in many other careers while the AM/HF/ER tends to paint your CV with powerful, yet specific and un-erasable, colours.

any major misunderstanding up here? (i do apologize if i was too vague but this is meant to be a general checkup)

thank you for your time

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