Fund-Less Sponsors / Co-investors

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The firm I work for invests its own fund, partners with investors, co-invests, and acts as a fund-less sponsor. Is there a general consensus on this type of experience? I feel like it does not matter where the money comes from; The experience and $ value of transactions is the same.

Also, the firm is partnered with a top-tier financial firm that has committed to provide a large amount of capital to finance transactions. How can I get this on a resume? Is there a standard? I know that experience is what matters, but I expect it would help to have the name when applying to Carlyle-level firms.

Considering how much their Director asks of me at 10pm on a Saturday, I feel like I should try to squeeze this name as much as possible. We do 100% of the work on these deals.

Would something like this be out of line:

Small Investment Firm

-Worked at Small Investment Firm closing $20B+ as a co-investor with Huge Well-Known Investment Firm and others.