Getting back in aged 35 after Leaving Finance

Hi All,
Was wondering if anyone had any good ideas they would be so kind as to share with me.

I graduated Oxford in 2001, no internships.

Unsurprisingly I couldn't get a decent job in Finance, particularly as I only started looking after September 11th and the associated slump in hiring.

I went to China for almost 3 years teaching English and Economics and educating myself on investments.

After that I did 3 finance jobs - at a prop trader (3 months), Fund of Funds and, finally worked as an analyst for Putnam Investments (Telecoms / Utilities) in London for almost 2 years.

I passed CFA Level 1, first attempt.

I quit in 2008 as I didn't much like London life, I could also see a crash coming and didnt much like the firm. I actually quite enjoyed the job and was good at it...

Between 2008 and the present I have worked in HE administration - basically doing returns to the government for a university - latterly 3 days a week. I have also invested successfully for myself. My CAGR between 2008 and present is circa 22% per year. I blog on this (deepvalueinvestments wordpress - it wouldnt let me post a link...

I would now be interested in getting back in to Asset Management - ideally outside of a high cost of living population center.

Does anyone have any ideas? - I have sent my CV to a few places but have received zero interest back. I am not a natural networker so that route is pretty much closed to me.

I have considered doing CFA level 2 but question whether it would really make a difference - I am now nearly 36.

All views welcome.

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Aug 11, 2015 - 3:31pm

Step one is don't write off networking because you're not a "natural networker". It's a skill, and anyone can practice it and become better at it. And it's damn important.

Oxford gives you a great group of people to reach out to within the UK and Europe. Start there.

Don't be so blunt as to ask for a job, cast it as someone who was involved in finance for a while but has been away for a bit and wants to know their opinions about recent developments or something (this is written through a U.S. cultural lens, adjust if you think it's wildly off base for your situation).

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