Global Fortune 200 M&A/Strategy Rotational Program or Big 4 Advisory Position

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Hey Guys,

So currently I've received offer from a big 4 Advisory within their financial services practice group.

I also have been offered a position in a fortune 200 company in a rotational program doing 6 months in their NA corporate development group (I have been forewarned there is no chance of going FT in this group as they don't hire entry levels) as well as a rotation in the NA HQ strategy group (typically reserved for Gunner MBAs and EX S/O MCs, I have an undergraduate degree from a non target school). I then would do a rotation in likely two other strategy groups with one of the rotations being international. They have not yet been set and it is up to me to network/sell myself into the last two rotations (will not likely be hard as I will have already have had the 2 most prestigious rotations in NA). The downside is the HQ is in a shit city where as the big 4 office I would work for is in a top US city (think NY, Chicago, and LA).

I don't have enough experience to determine which role would be more beneficial for me. With big 4 I would be doing business process transformation etc (on a small scale think consolidation and streamlining of a single important process within a bank) with largely consumer banks. With the fortune 200 company I would get great internal exposure but no prestigious big 4 MC on my resume and would have to live in a shit city for a year.

Please help me with any advice and pros and cons for making this decision. Long term I would like to do PE or MBB.

Comp is about the same. Fortune 200 would give me a company car and likely minimal pay raise my second year if any and pretty good benefits (401k match etc). Big 4 obviously has fantastic benefits and likely a large pay bump second year.

Thanks in advance for your help!