so I go to a top 50 school, I major in political science with a minor in economics (I'm thinking about adding finance as a minor). My cumulative GPA is 3.55, and my major GPA is 3.9. I'm also the president of a major political club, I've written for my school's newspaper for the last two years, I've made dean's list on numerous occasions, am in my major's honor society, and I currently am interning for a management consulting boutique in Manhattan, a new NY satellite office of a European consultancy. In the past, I've worked on political campaigns, including a presidential campaign in 2008. I love politics, but I love Wall Street almost as much, but I'm not as inclined to go to law school because unless I go to the very top, its hard to get a good job. I'm going to be a senior this year.

I want to get, preferably into investment banking, or management consulting. I know a decent amount about the stock market, and in my econ minor, I've almost finished 200 level courses. How can I get into either of these fields as a career? I'd be fine with an IB boutique, tho with MC, I'd rather at a bulge bracket. Also, what would be the true difference if I start i-banking at a boutique? Do they pay for biz school?

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Best advice would be to do more research about each industry as both are very different from each other. First off the term Bulge Bracket (or BB) is exclusively used with banking. If you're referring to the big firms for consulting, then you'd say MBB (for McKinsey, Boston and Bain).

Then you;re going to network because you are coming from a complete non-target. Your alumni network will probably be pretty small, so you're really going to have to work. However, there are some success stories out here, but you do have a long road ahead of you if you want to get into a bulge bracket consulting firm (lolz).

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what about investment banks in states close to New York but not in NY? Would that be possible?

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