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I accepted an offer from GS, and now I am going through the background check process. I have disclosed all of my employments , but I was unable to get a hold of the HR department of a job I had 6 years ago in high school. My employment dates were off by six months starting and I ended nine months further , and my background has been going on for two weeks. Also I worked as a relationship banker for two months and found a more fast paced position ,do you think this will hurt me?

The background company hasn't called me with any questions. Is there anyone that has had an offer rescinded because of something like this?

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Jun 5, 2015

You're screwed.

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Jun 6, 2015

Take it easy. Just contact HR ASAP and it won't be a problem.

FYI, it took around 6 weeks for my background check to get through.

Jun 10, 2015

did they ask you for any additional documents? it's been 4 weeks and they recently got in touch with me for another piece of ID and my mother's maiden name...

Jun 6, 2015

I contacted HR and told them I messed up on the dates and it was an honest mistake, so she said the email was enough clarification. I'm assuming if the background company hasn't called yet , that it's good news?

Jun 7, 2015

any update on this issue? mine has been going on since May 12th and I've been told it takes avg of 4 business weeks for a BG check...

Jun 8, 2015

nope i havent gotten a single phone call yet, im not sure what the hold up is. i had a buddy who cleared in 3 days

Jun 10, 2015

Yes, they did ask for some extra documents e.g. proof of attending school.

No need to worry if you have told the truth.

Jun 11, 2015

I had received a fishing without a license ticket my sophomore year in college and the ticket was dismissed, I just told them about it since I completely forgot. Will this make a difference?

Jun 12, 2015

E-mail HR before it looks intentional fucking hell.

Jun 12, 2015

No way GS would ever hire somebody who thought they could get away with fishing without a license! You're a liability... get some integrity. The financial system is too delicate for your reckless actions.

Oct 22, 2015

any update on this?

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Mar 2, 2017