Got let off during my block leave

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Hello everyone. I have been in finance for about a year now (doing the graduate program), so pretty new here. But I just wanted to know if what I experienced is normal.
So I knew I could be let off my current position within a month (grad program ending and headcount issues). I took my block leave and expected to return to work and have the difficult conversation. However, during my vacation, I get the call from the HR, and am told to not return to work anymore, and the next day my mails are blocked. I had some projects to complete and people to say adios to (I have been in the company for a year now!). I am told to make a list of my belongings that I left on the desk and meet HR when i return from my holidays to handover my work phone etc.
Just wished to know - Am I being normal in thinking this is very rude? Or is this a normal occurrence in the industry?
FYI - I believed I had a good relationship with the HR and with the team I worked with - definitely been taking regular feedback etc.