Has anyone here worked at Tesla or SpaceX?

Currently in IBD and wanted to ask if anyone has worked at either of these Elon Musk companies. Being close to graduation it is something I haven't ruled out, and an interest I have had for some time.

Just had a few questions:
- Is networking similar to IB? Or completely different?
- What is the culture actually like?
- How is compensation/ lifestyle/ and hours?

I know one guy that worked at Tesla, granted for a short period of time, and hated it. Don't want to base my entire opinion off his poor xp.


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Mar 29, 2016

I know someone at SpaceX but in an engineering role. He loves it there and is very passionate about what they are doing. He's always been very "work hard, play hard" and it seems like that has continued since he joined. I've never asked but think his pay may be a bit low for the work he's doing - general sense given that he's usually interested in cheap HH, still has a roommate in his early 30s, etc. For him it's about being a part of the innovation and he seems to really enjoy his role.

Mar 30, 2016

Know someone who is an engineer there, and one former engineer went straight from MIT/Harvey Mudd undergrad. Says comp is good (a mix of cash + stock, and stock price is independently valued every quarter, I think). You really have to be head over heels for this kinda stuff though, and apparently everyone drinks the Elon Musk kool-aid. The guy I know who quit made it sound like the people on this forum who romanticize IBD; it's the job of your dreams until you actually start working there...then its 'meh'.

Mar 30, 2016

Great answers fellas I appreciate it!

Mar 30, 2016

I can confirm comp is low. My dad had an offer for engineering role and it relatively meh for COL in California.

Apr 25, 2016