Headhunters ghosting you

hey guys, have you ever experienced headhunters reaching out about an open role you applied for to chat, only to not respond? I've had this happen to me about 3x in the past month. I'd apply to a headhunter listing and they'd get back saying how they want to chat and asking me to suggest times. I suggest a few times, and they never respond. Is this common among headhunters? I can see how the role would be filled if you wait too long to respond, but i would always respond same day. i'm thinking: what's the point of reaching out if you're not going to respond?

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Comments (7)

Aug 21, 2018

this is common...from the headhunters perspective, its a numbers game..they want as many applicants as possible (they don't look at your profile at all for the first round....they go thru hundreds of people a day), and then they whittle down the list to those who are best qualified to move on the the next round. if your profile is not exactly what they are looking for, then they will ghost you.

just google it...you're welcome

Aug 21, 2018

i don't get why they wouldn't just reach out only to "those who are best qualified" to start out with, and not have to ghost anyone

Aug 21, 2018

Most recruiters are garbage, however, have met some really good ones as well but very rare. Been ghosted several times always take anything they say or try sell you with a lot of skepticism.

Aug 21, 2018

amen, wise words

Aug 21, 2018

It's shitty on the headhunter's part. Most of them are total amateurs though. I went through maybe 4 or 5 firms until I found one guy I really liked and I felt ran his business like a real business. Company's should be more selective about who they hire unless the positions are churn & burn because it reflects poorly on the company IMO.

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Aug 21, 2018

Is this the same as the hr directly reaching out from a small place (<100 employees) and asking if I would be liked to considered for a position there and then never replying? or would that be a different case? is that just shitty hr or maybe they decided to move on?

Aug 22, 2018