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I am looking for some advice from some experiences professionals. I have two great opportunities. I currently work for JPMC (retail side) as a mortgage underwriter. I received an offer from Mortgage Capital Markets Analyst in Iselin, NJ. It is still on the retail side, but division is Mortgage Capital Markets. Could I make the jump to IB?

Assignments will be in one of our business units such as Trade Support/Investor Relations, Loan Delivery, Operations Risk Management,Reconciliation's, Pricing, or Project Management. Although each rotation is unique, experiences may involve responsibilities such as being involved with the day-to-day activities of Operations, analyzing business processes, evaluating and improving operational performance and creating innovative solutions for a wide range of business challenges.

I have another offer from AllianceBernstein as a Private Client Associate in their Global Wealth Management Dept.

Which has the better career growth and which could potentially be more lucrative 15 years later?

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