Help! Summer internship decision

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Hey Guys,

I'm having a little bit of a personal dilemma. I'm currently a sophomore at a non-target and recently got offered an internship doing "Business development" for a start-up, which is not paid. Additionally it is in another city, so I will have to pay for food, transportation, and rent. All in all, I think it will run me about 2-3k out of my own pocket. The upside is I think I would have an awesome time. Now, I have until March 1st to accept the internship.

I know it's a long shot, but I cold called someone at MS PWM and they gave me a direct number to the branch manager and told me to call them the third week of march to see if there are any internships available. I'm wondering if I should forgo the start-up offer for the chance of getting MS PWM. If that didn't work, my school has a career fair in March, plus I'm on exec board for a business club that I might be able to use to get an internship.

The thing is my resume is pretty lackluster(3.6 gpa, no internship freshman summer), so I don't know if I'll get anything better. Basically, I'm wondering if I should take this internship or try to get something better(preferably paid, but money is not really a huge issue). My goal is to get a PE/IB internship junior year.

Thanks guys

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Feb 24, 2014

Take the biz dev, if you get PWM/better option, renege. (coming from someone who did the same thing)

Feb 25, 2014

Thanks for the advice. Should I still actively look for better options after I accept the offer? On one hand, it's somewhat in my nature to keep looking for opportunities, but I don't want to be a dick

Feb 25, 2014

All is fair in love and war..

Feb 25, 2014