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Direct admit to IU Kelly finance, then, after freshman year, last minute due to unforeseen circumstances transferred to a more overall "prestigious" state school more east, and was told I had too many credits to apply for their business school upon arrival. I graduated in August with a degree in human resources management with a minor in the business school for "business fundamentals (supply chain, finance, accounting, labor markets), had a 3.2 and 0 internships, just a "management" title for ~20 lifeguards during college summers. I currently do "account executive" sales for a large company in NYC; it's painful and mind numbing. Never applied to finance internships/jobs until now bc I thought it was impossible with my major but am now miserable in my "job" and am desperately trying to break into finance. Feel like I am too many steps away from breaking into anything specific like consulting vs pe/hf vs banking...basically any career in financial services (ie not a financial analyst for Verizon or a healthcare company) so are there any internships or extremely entry level positions I could be applying to? Ideally, I would love to get into literally any of the many graduate programs offered by a BB the ones that require 0-2 years experience. All internships I've found want current students, so I am looking to make a career change that will at least give me some leverage and a less random looking resume so I can either be considered for an interview for summer 2020/21 or be able to transition to a career path where I could get an MBA/CFA then break in at a higher level. I'm feeling extremely hopeless and am beginning to think it is impossible/not worth it. I have the general financial education and I follow the markets, but I can't even land an interview when half the applications don't even allow cover letters.

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Jan 24, 2019

You've got to get an MBA from a well regarded school to change your path

Jan 24, 2019

Agree with above, you need an MBA to get into high finance. CFA is not worth the months of studying right now, focus on the GMAT for your MBA entry.

You're not likely to get an interview for an internship, as you said you need to be enrolled, but those internships are also very competitive and your GPA is too low.

I would look into either 1) Financial analyst or FP&A positions at a Fortune500 (easy to move up in these, good on your resume) or 2) Middle/back office at a BB (not a sexy role, but again, helps your resume) and get a few years of corporate experience before going back to school.

You could also consider a Masters in Finance. They're not very popular in the US but you would be able to go through recruiting and it's less expensive and shorter than an MBA. Still need some finance experience to get into the better programs, but also an option since you're early in your career

Jan 24, 2019

Confused why you initially transferred out of IU Kelley in the first place.. Had a few peers from HS go there and it is a top 10 business school and could have gotten you into IB/S&T/IM/HF/PE careers without too much difficulty. Your best bet as of now would be to apply for FP&A positions and financial analyst roles. A financial analyst role at Verizon could potentially open up doors to a more prestigious finance role moving forward, so don't close that door before you've even looked into it. Hop on the phone with alumni, and make your case. Sounds like you graduated from a decent school so I'm sure there are plenty of alumni in high finance that would be looking to help.

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Jan 24, 2019
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