How does one network with pedigreed people while lacking pedigree themselves?

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I'm curious as to how a finance student (junior) would go about this. To illustrate, I have a low cGPA (3.1), lacking relevant internships, and come from a semi-target with some alumni in the buy-side (with a focus on equity strategies). From what I can tell, however, these alumni generally have much better GPAs and all look good on paper. Non-alumni also seem very pedigreed.

I've read a lot of the value-investing (Graham, Howard Marks, Greenblatt, Einhorn, Klarman) and hedge fund books and bios (More Money Than God, Market Wizards), as well as the business strategy books that have been recommended on this forum. Occasionally, I read academic journals on behavioral finance and rationality. I've also completed the WSP fin modeling course.

I've always had an interest in the markets and follow them closely but it is only recently that I have taken a serious interest and developed the self-efficacy required to begin networking effectively.

I'm developing a few stock pitches and tailoring them to the strategies of the funds (AM and HF) I am targeting (focused on small and mid cap equities because I believe value is being overlooked in that space with the rise of passive strategies).

TL;DR - The question is: would a quality pitch, passion, and eagerness to learn carry its own weight or will it be overshadowed by a lack of credentials? **

Any insights would be greatly appreciated.

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Sep 14, 2018