How long does it take for an offer letter to come in?

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I was told an offer letter was being produced by HR for me the Thursday before last, but that HR was shorthanded so it might take until next week (last week, labor day week). I did not hear anything so I reached back out (last Thursday) and was told it was being processed and that the person that has to sign off had been traveling. It's now almost a week since then and still no offer letter. Should I be worried?

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Sep 12, 2019


Sep 12, 2019

Nah. Not yet. Labor Day weekend, they already told you they'd be shorthanded...wouldn't be surprised if whoever needs to sign is still on vacation or has other pressing matters. End of next week maybe, but not yet. Keep going through the motions of applying/interviewing in the meantime.

Sep 12, 2019