How long should one wait for notification after 1st round interview?

I interviewed with RBS (on-campus) early last week but I haven't yet heard back. (However, others who'd interviewed for a different position/division heard back just several days later.)

Should I write RBS off my list of prospective summer employers? How often do firms fail to provide a formal declination to first round candidates?

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I interviewed with RBS back in October. I heard back from them late Jan and they told me I did really well and that I was still under consideration. At that point, I decided it was no longer worth it to hold by breath. Firms this year particularly seem to be stalling recruitment offers for some reason, but after reading WSO and seeing some people with great offers, it looks like they're giving out a few offers really quickly but they're waiting for a while on the rest.

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also, I might add that I interviewed w/ RBS Greenwich Capital specifically. I'm unsure if this might make a difference.


did they get offers?

if so, write them off as a business expense

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