How to Network/Go Through Recruiting During Sophomore Year Internship Without Letting Performance Slip?

So this summer has been very stressful in terms of going through summer 2019 recruiting while also interning for my sophomore summer internship.

I am wondering how you guys are managing it. I want to work hard for my current internship in order to receive a good recommendation (and because I do enjoy what I am doing), but it is very difficult when scheduling interviews/networking/studying technicals.

Usually, I have been sending out emails in the morning before I start working and then I will try to answer them at lunch if I get responses by then or sometime the next time. For studying technicals, I have just been doing that in my free time after work/over the weekends.

The most difficult part is scheduling phone calls/interviews, I am trying not to take a lot of days off, but it is difficult not to especially when bankers have limited availability. Do you guys have any suggestions?

Would it be better for me to focus more on summer 2019 recruiting and let me performance at my current internship slip a little bit? Or is it best to continue what I am doing- even if that means not being as available for phone calls and scheduling odd hours for interviews.

I feel like this is a problem that has very recently happened- with recruiting pushed up so far. A few years ago, the majority of recruiting was done back on campus so there was a lot of time and flexibility.

Any advice/stories of how you guys handle it?

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Jul 14, 2018

I'd prioritize recruiting. Unless you're in an internship where you CAN'T step out to make a phone call, I would, especially if scheduling calls at 'weird' times is impeding your ability to get on calls.

Jul 15, 2018

Definitely prioritize summer 2019 recruiting because that will be the internship you can hopefully leverage a FT offer. Do as best you can with your current internship, but summer 2019 can set up your career and you do not want to end up saying "what if" after the recruiting is over.

Jul 18, 2018

Depends, is your current internship somewhere you would like to continue working?

Jul 18, 2018