How to spin M&A experience with a buy-side tech firm for an IB/M&A/ER role?

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I've never worked in the front office of a bank before, so I'm hoping I could get some help for how I could spin my experience to get me closer to an IB/M&A/ER internship with a bank.

I had the opportunity to help out with four deals which made it to the post-LOI stage (a few closed), including industry research, competitor analysis, customer analysis, attrition analysis, internal decks, taking notes during calls etc. I would say my work did help with coming up with some of the actual modelling assumptions, but I did not help with actual modelling or valuations.

Besides that, I spent the majority of my time helping with identifying acquisition tech targets from different markets, but because our targets are generally quite small and private so much of my time was spent just Googling and going through long lists across various databases.

Overall, I'm not sure how relevant my experience has been for an IB/M&A/ER role with a bank, so I would really appreciate if you guys had any advice! Or even, if there are other roles which my experience might be more relevant, I'm all ears! Thank you :)

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Aug 12, 2019

Similar situation. I went from M&A in a big corporate to IB FO in a MM (both internships though). I think it could be considered pretty relevant if you demonstrate your knowledge about how they work in IB and why you want to break into IB (like more practical work and execution experience).

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Aug 14, 2019