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Hi all,
I've seen quite a lot of successful "My PE Process" posts so wanted to chime in here to solicit thoughts on experiences that didn't go quite so smoothly/seemingly easily.

For context, I'm approaching my 2nd year at a sector-focused MM IB and have a target school background with a non-finance degree. On top of not having a finance/accounting background, I also don't get a lot of modeling in my team.

I joined in the on-cycle recruiting process this past fall, and while I put in the hours practicing modeling and preparing, it seemed like there was always one or two more specific/quirky technical questions that came up and seemed to ding me in processes where I felt that all other components of the interview went well - no matter how conscious I was about learning from prior mistakes.

I've been grinding it out at interviews for some time and have managed to make it to a couple of final rounds, but it just doesn't seem like I'll ever catch a break or outstrip other candidates to secure a role. Can anyone share some thoughts on what else I could be doing and any similar experiences they've had in toughing out the recruiting process? Has it gotten to a point where I seriously should be considering other exit options?

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Mar 7, 2019

Very difficult to assess what you are doing right or wrong. For example getting a technical question wrong is not necessarily auto ding. Could also be other aspects as well.

Do you have friends/peers in PE you can mock interview with?

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Mar 7, 2019

I think sometimes it's just an odd game too bad luck. Maybe they liked you, but someone else better..

Curious about this topic as well though. Anyone have experience recruiting as a second year who recruited on-cycle but failed to get an offer? How did head hunters treat you, did you notice a decline in the quality of looks, etc.

Mar 7, 2019

Hard to assess what you're doing wrong. You're in a pool with other highly qualified candidates with similar credentials. It can come down to a handful of candidates that they can't go wrong with and it's a matter of who they liked more.

Mar 11, 2019

It can be a number of different things - trouble with technicals, not walking through your deals with an "investment lens", poor answers to behavioral questions (BS weaknesses)...

But really, sometimes you didn't do anything wrong. I'm in the same situation as you and have experienced this a few times. You can perform great in all aspects, but there is only one spot your vying for. Someone could have performed just as well but have a better candidacy on paper (bigger bank? target school?). Maybe they have a personal relationship with a partner.

Point is you never know, and you just have to keep trying and trying until you find the place that clicks. I also suggest doing a few mock interviews with friends, or even WSO's mentors (which I've personally found very helpful)

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Mar 18, 2019