If E&Y has Audit OCR, can I still get TAS? Interview?

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Ernst and Young is having on campus recruiting at my school in a few weeks. The position is for audit/ assurance.
If I have SA ibd work experience, is it possible for me to leverage a position in their TAS group?

And how would that look on my resume if I wanted to get back into IBD?

Would I just casually say, "hey I am actually only interested in the TAS and valuation groups, is there any possibility of landing one of those internships instead?"

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Sep 3, 2011

I'm not sure about you, but y would you want to get into TAS if you are not an accountant...I would leverage SA exp for another FT SA IBD exp...

But i also have friends who wanna be accountants coming out if IB...so I guess you aren't the first, but he had his own reasons. Care to share with us what your reasons are? Just curious...

Sep 3, 2011

They are recruiting for audit but not tas? I saw both listed on m OCR.

Sep 3, 2011

No im from a non target so they don't offer TAS. E&Y is the closest company to an ib that recruits at my school.

I just want to go in for an interview, and if none of my ibd contacts work out at least I will have a brand name backup. Also, this would be during the school year, my next summer will be reserved for SA again.

Sep 7, 2011