In which order should I learn these courses? (Modeling DCF,Financial Statements, REIT)

Hey everyone. I'm trying to learn how to create REITs,DCF, and financial statement models. However, I already am done with 60% of DCF, and 40% of REITs. I feel like I should have learned how to model financial statements first, but I think it's pretty simple to pick up.

Because I'm in real estate I was thinking-> REIT,DCF, and Financial statements

If I had more time I'd probably do -> Financial Statements,DCF then REITs.


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Jul 23, 2017

First reactions: what difference does it make- just learn it.
2nd reaction: how can you accurately make a DCF without knowing the 3 financial stmts and how to model them
3rd reaction: realizing I learned DCF and then fin. Stmt modeling.

TL;DR- make sure you know 3 financial stmts first and foremost then it doesn't really matter the order you learn to make these models.

Jul 22, 2017

Tbh this USB honestly the best route. Thank you so much!

Whatever it takes.

Jul 22, 2017

Statements, modeling, and then REITS

Jul 22, 2017

Assuming you threw the MS- just would like to point out my answer is the same as yours.

Jul 22, 2017


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Jul 22, 2017

Sorry. My bad.

Jul 22, 2017

Actually, I did. I just tried to give you a big steamy on your original comment to see if I did and I was unable to do so! So, that means I did, apology is on me. I had intended a an. Fat thumbs man!!! Take some SB's to offset your losses from the Shit I have thrown your way!

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Jul 22, 2017

Funny. Thanks. Was just honesty curious as to why. Know I had some typos but I'm so tired I can barely see so they slip through!

Jul 22, 2017
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