Internal Switch from Portfolio Mgmt to Underwriting

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Hey monkeys, been posting/commenting here semi-frequently, lots of great advice and content that I've put to use well, and looking for some solid advice. I recently left Big 4 to join a portfolio mgmt team at a mid-sized bank in my market. I'm more interested in the underwriting process and am seeking to be placed on that team. The overall industry focus of the team is pretty new so the whole dept is less than 20 people. There are only a couple underwriters and portfolio mgmt people other than for managers, so I feel like a switch is possible. I spoke with one of the underwriting managers about looping me in some projects if there's ever any downtown, but due to the overall leaner structure of the team I don't have much time. Other than waiting through some idiosyncratic stuff (people going to b-school, getting interns, etc.), what are some better ways to go about this?

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Jul 5, 2018