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I have been through three interviews and completed an in-depth project as part of an interview process for a junior associate position in equity research at a middle market investment bank. I received a call from them today telling me that they are postponing filling the position until September or October, but that I am one of two remaining candidates. In addition to this company, I am interviewing with other companies for equity research positions.

They told me that there will be one more interview to assess whether they like my personality and if I would be a good fit with their team. Being that I am interviewing with other companies, would it look bad and too pushy if I call them back and ask them to expedite the interview process to make a decision sooner rather than later, even if the start date isn't for another month or two?

Also, they told me the interview will take place over lunch or dinner. Any advice on making a good impression during a lunch/dinner interview where they will be assessing personality/fit? I tend to be on the quieter side and get somewhat nervous during these more informal situations. Any advice on conversation topics, things to avoid, etc?

Any and all help is greatly appreciated as I really want this job.

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Jul 29, 2010

My take-- interview with the other two places. If you can an offer from either (or both) of them, then let the MM bank know and request if it's possible to have an expedited interview process to help make your decision as their firm is really your first choice (at least, that's how I'm reading the situation).

What makes this firm better than the other 2 you're interviewing with?

Jul 29, 2010

Thank you for the response.

First of all, I am currently working and it is difficult to take time off to interview, so I would like to receive an offer so that I do not need to continue taking additional time off interviewing for other firms. I like this firm better because I like the industry that I will be covering, I like the analysts that I will be working for, and I feel like I will learn the most and have the best exit opportunities.

Any one else have any advice?

Jul 29, 2010