Is Booth or Kellogg worth it?

Currently a 2nd year PE associate at a MM fund (~$3-5Bn AUM) recently heard back from MBA schools. Ding/Waitlist at HBS/GSB, in at Wharton, Booth and Kellogg. I really did not like the vibe at Wharton but really enjoyed Booth and Kellogg when I visited and feel like I would be happy at either school (slightly moreso Kellogg)--would it be crazy for me to accept B/K over W if my goal is to stay in PE long-term after B school? It would be great if anyone from any of these schools could talk about their PE recruiting processes.


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Jan 4, 2019

In short, it's not crazy. I think you have to lean toward looking at Booth as the choice here if you want to be in MM PE in Chicago. If you're not tied to chicago or anyone city that's a tough call I think Wharton v. Booth become your horses there and it may just be a preference thing for you personally. The MM PE presence in Chicago is significant and that access you have just being in the city can't be understated if you're willing to be tenacious with networking in the city.

Jan 6, 2019


Jan 7, 2019

@Cav21x wrote a good post about this in the past. Basically said it was do-able to get back in from Kellogg, but it was a hustle.

Jan 7, 2019

Here is a link to that conversation:
Short answer is that it is a very personal decision. I would not have done it over again, but I wasn't the grad school type and didn't come to that conclusion until entering my second year at which point it was obviously too late. Candidly, I would suggest the MBA route isn't really necessary and personally would only redo if I had a shot at HBS/GSB.

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Jan 7, 2019

Random but did you go to a target UG, and what was your GPA? I want to go to Wharton/Booth for my MBA and was curious

Jan 9, 2019