Job Searching Amid Career Crisis (Corp development, sell side, or buy side choices) as foreigner in USA

Hi everyone, I encountered some career crisis recently.

I am an internal student graduate from an ivy school last year with MPA focus on economic and financial policy with minor in real estate. I got job offer in a leading mortgage servicing firm in Dalas. Worked as financial analyst (Graduate level) in structured and corporate finance for almost a year. The job mainly focuses on corporate finance in corporate debt, credit research, and issued ABS, some corporate development. But my boss told me she will not sponsor my visa because of RFE last month. So I am thinking about the exit opportunities.

My career is kind of atypical. I am wondering what should I choose more suitable for my career. I really want to move to selside investment bank or buyside private equity .

What are the best chance for me in terms of industry? Would a foreigner easier to break in? I listed those industry I would like to pursuit, What do you guys think about my chance based on my current and previous experience? Also in geography wise, should i move back to NYC instead of Dallas.

  1. Corp development/ Corp M&A/Corp financial advisory
  2. Real estate transaction, real estate advisory, real estate investment
  3. Investment banking M&A say boutique, smaller investment bank
  4. Asset Mgmt. credit fund, hedge fund, PE

Prior to this corporate finance role. My background
Four finance related Internship including
Investment banking (Local in China) ,A Top PE firm in China, A mid-size PE firm in New York, Venture Capital

Full time experience including
Law firm (Deal lawyer) 1 Year
L'Oréal Corporate Management Trainee (Sales and Marketing function) 2 Years

CFA level 2 candidate ( Took level 2 this June, hope gonna pass), and a Chinese bar holder.

Master in Ivy School MPA focus on economic and financial policy with minor in real estate.
Bachelor in home country with law and economics degree.

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