Hi all,

I have interned in a local boutique (with 6 people) in Hong Kong and the MD invited me to go back to work after graduation. I am not sure about whether I should work there or not because the career path is uncertain. Hence, I would like to ask if any of you can comment on the exit opportunity of working for a local boutique. Is it possible to transfer to BB/PE/HF at the later stage? Also, what is the salary in general?

Given that the size of firm is small and I don't think there are proper training at all, (I learn technical stuff just from asking my senior/google) I think joining big 4 maybe a good option for me as the career path is certain and it is possible for me to go back to banking later. However, I realize the work I perform will be totally different. I am more a finance guy than an accounting guy. I feel happy when I study finance and I have been doing internships in banks. I am not sure if I should give up finance for accounting now or I should go on and study a master in finance and have another try in next recruitment year.

Please share with me all you know about the career path in/after local boutiques. Also, your advise on boutique vs big4 vs master.
Thank you very much!

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