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I am completing my MBA, and my focus has always been marketing. However, I find I enjoy all of my MBA subjects a lot, and would love a career that exposes me to a variety of different things. For this reason, I am considering moving towards the research side of things -- but am struggling to figure out exactly what my realistic options are.

What careers out there can utilize marketing as a core strength, and expose me to different subjects, issues, strategies, etc? Any ideas or suggestions to explore would be appreciated.

(I posted on this forum because it's baller, and I can't find any promising marketing forums that don't charge money to join.)

Thanks for any help.

One note, if it's of any use: the biggest industry around -- and major hirer of people in my program -- is the Canadian oil and gas sector,


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Apr 6, 2011

If you want to move into equity research, you need to start pursuing a CFA immediately.

At least a couple of the big 5 have oil and gas equity research departments in Calgary.

Apr 6, 2011