math major need some advice

hey i am new here. i am currently a 3rd year math major from a target university (but not the business school). anyway, my total gpa is 3.3 (low i know) and 3.0 is my major gpa. low overall, i've taken mainly the proof based courses to get the requirements out of the way such as analysis 1 and 2, algebra, etc. Currently I am taking a probability class and by the fall i hope to take another probability class and math in finance class.

i have no experience really in anything. ive held some administrative/crap jobs just because they paid but required no thought at all. you can see where i am going with this...

I want to break into finance/business but i think as a math major the best i can do is probably along the lines of quant stuff. im not as quick/good with math as one might expect but anyway i don't know how i can get into the field having no experience/training in the area.

i want to get an internship or something, but no one will take me because of the lack of experience/formal classes. my career counselor says to mention projects/classes in my resume - but math classes don't really give projects, it's more here's the problem now do it.

Below are the math classes i've taken, should i list them on my resume/put a description of the course/etc ?

discrete math; calculus 1,2,3, ; real analysis 1 &2 ; algebra 1; ordinary diff eq. ;

i've also taken programming classes:
intro to cs ; data structures ; computer systems and organization; - lanugages used: java/c, but i dont know c well so i just go with java.

so what do you guys think? i know it's bad and i probably wont be able to get into the field, but i guess i want to know what can i do to help me get some sort of experience since i have basically a year left of school...

any constructive advice is appreciated. thanks

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Feb 4, 2012

I recommend doing an MFE immediately after your UG. Worked very well for me. I was a math major and decided on finance way too late.

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Feb 4, 2012

Boost your GPA (it will follow you forever), network hard for junior year internship, and (if possible) try to become buddies with your professors. I would definitely recommend going for the MFE (if nothing else than to get a second chance at resetting your GPA). However, don't miss out on your on-campus recruiting/job boards.

Feb 7, 2012