Moving into IB/HF/PE - advice

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Hey WSO fam,

I've been reading WSO articles and discussions for a while and always learnt a ton and had a good laugh, so I thought why not make myself an account and join in.

Just wanted to get some tips (be as frank as you possibly can, I'm not sensitive in the slightest) for moving into investment banking, hedge funds, or private equity. Please note I am willing to do whatever it takes - however long it takes, as I've discovered finance and investments are without a doubt my truest passion. I'm in it for the long haul. I'm willing to work the 80-100 hour weeks and sell my soul (at least for 2-3 years) because I know I'll learn an unbelievable amount and be in a good place to move on.

I have a business degree from a non target school (it's currently #60 in nation), 3.3 GPA, worked in credit cards for a year out of school, and am now an investment analyst for a wealth management shop. Currently studying for CFA Level 2 in June 2019. Between CFA exams, I am strongly looking to do a financial modelling course either at a nearby university, or an online university program. I don't have any Wall Street or related contacts or networks as I've never really had that exposure. I plan on leaving my current company after another 2 years, and move on to a larger/more recognized company (in Boston or NY), and work in a much more intense/quantitative/analysis heavy type of role. Within the next three years, I am definitely looking to get my MBA at a target school (this might be a reach, lol, but at least top 25). I am doing some programs in fintech here and there, and am also doing a little extra-curricular activities (for what it's worth, lol).

What should I do or focus on to at least prove myself as a decent candidate for investment banking/hedge fund/private equity jobs once I have moved on from current job, achieved CFA and MBA, and have total 4-5 years of work experience? Networking? Courses? Learning more analytical skills? Technical skills? Reading this or that? I'm not too selective in terms of company tier - I'm fine with Tier 2, even 3, as I can probably move up once I've got more experience (...right? My bad. I'm a rookie at this)

Any tips would be greatly appreciated. If you need any clarification, please let me know and I'll reply ASAP.

Thanks WSO community for all you do.

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Jan 9, 2019