Networking and trying to lateral internally?

I am currently looking at moving internally at my current firm and have had no luck through applying on the internal job portal (have not even had the opportunity to speak to anyone).

I am in a risk/finance function and would like to try and lateral internally (willing to drop a corporate grade too) to IB or CB. In my role I don't interact too closely with these groups, but genuinely believe that with experience and personality I would be able to do well in the role.

What would be the best approach at trying to network and get a coffee/chat with people in thesegroups? Is emailing directly the best since I work internally? LinkedIn? Or maybe just stalk the elevator/bathroom on the floor until someone walks in?

If anyone else has any stories of their internal moves, I would like to hear about them!

Appreciate your help fellow monkeys!

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Feb 7, 2019

If you hand me a resume in the bathroom I'm going to use it to wipe.

Feb 7, 2019

I'll be sure to print it on sandpaper, just for you.

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Feb 7, 2019

I'd say try to go by their office or send them an email. Being in the same office you probably have at least interacted or seen these people. I'd say be transparent about it, I know it's not same industry but maybe say to your direct boss "I'm interested in IB, reaching out to x" and he might be nice enough to introduce you/help. It also could be a don't say anything type of culture, you'd know that better than I would. I think there's no harm in going up to them in person or emailing their work email and asking to meet for coffee. I would not recommend the elevator/bathroom technique.

Feb 8, 2019