[Networking as Undergrad]: Found myself in (possibly) lucrative situation, but unsure how to leverage

Bit about my situation: I am a junior at a top 25 LAC. Because LACs aren't known for IB/consulting, but alumni networks are VERY tight (at least mine is), my school rolled out this program where a selected group of students are taught business/finance fundamentals and then spend a month travelling and meeting alum in IB/consulting/advertising.

I had a very similar set of interests/personality with one of the alums, who is a a director for a top 10 advertising firm. I would like to try to leverage this relationship - but I'm not sure how. I'm applying for a summer internship there and would like to contact him first. But (1) I don't know if he remembers me, and (2) I'm sure he's incredibly busy.

Any advice on how to initiate?

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Nov 28, 2017