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Hi everyone, this is my first time posting a topic on WSO even though I've been checking the site for a while now and am a campus rep. so I hope this gets some views. I am American with ties to Italy, a junior, international business major, I go to John Cabot University in Rome, Italy and am president/founder of our investment club. I want to do buy-side trading (many peoples dream, I know). I probably won't go from school in Europe to Wall Street so I have been doing a lot of research on what I DO have a chance at. Looking at options like grad school in Switzerland, London, Singapore, IB/finance related internships in Europe, the usual "routes", what appeals to me the most is working in Malta.

I did not realize just how many new hedge funds and asset management firms there are in Malta until I started doing some research. There are also banks and consulting firms as support, the main language is English and Italian helps and all of this a 30 minutes flight from Rome. I am putting a list together of all of them to give to my University's career service office so that they can try to get into contact with them. Here are a few interesting funds to check out:

-FMG (Malta) Ltd

FMG (Malta) Limited, part of the FMG Group, is a fund of funds house specialising in emerging markets. FMG has a team of investment specialists who travel extensively to identify unique niche opportunities, and most funds offer diversity through the multi-manager route.

-Clive Capital (Malta) Ltd

-Valletta Fund Management Ltd

-Amstel Capital Malta Ltd

Amstel Capital has been present in Malta since 2006. We are an independent Asset Management company, specialised in alternative investments. We currently manage the Amstel Dynamic Fund and the Amstel Alternative Credit Fund for Professional Investors.

-Temple Asset Management Limited

I read up the most on the first firm, FMG, here is a great article on them published by Bloomberg:…
Those guys seem like rockstars.

Another thing that I will do with this list is try to get into contact with anyone that would be willing to speak to my investment club or let us "tour" their offices. I am planing a club trip down to Malta to tour the Malta stock exchange which is that cool temple looking building in the picture. It should be an interesting visit and a great way to talk to some experts down there.

In conclusion, the purpose of this post is to provoke a discussion about finance in Malta, anyone who has experience, opinions, tips, comments or anything please post. If you have any friends or acquaintances who might have some useful information feel free to pass this along to them, thanks.

Also, if you are interested in Maltese finance, I highly recommend this article:…

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