No experience, trying to break into the industry in LA/SF, help!

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Hey everyone,

This community has taught me so much and I spend countless hours reading through all of your stories and insight hoping that one day I can be the one who shares their success story. I would be eternally grateful if you help me get there!
Here's my situation right now - 2014 BBA in Fin from non-target in NYC, 3 year experience working on my own business (NOT a start-up, just a retail business, that was however pretty successful). I've got in-depth knowledge of excel(VBA etc) and good communication skills. Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of evidence of these qualities for a resume. As you can guess, most doors are closed to me at this point.
All I want to do is get my foot in the door. I'm confident in my ability to excel in most jobs (been working almost non-stop since the age of 14), I handle stressful environments well and I do learn fast. Also, I'm very, very ready to work my butt off.
While this is something I would never admit to a prospective employer, I'm hoping I can share this with you guys - I don't actually care what area to work in. All i want is to work with a company that I like, make decent money(eventually), and have a chance to move up - that's all. It can be in consulting, wealth management, corporate finance or something else entirely.
I'm looking for any and all advice on how to proceed, what kind of entry level job I could possibly get, where to network and what qualifications I can get to improve my chances. I am looking for something in California - Im in LA right now but am willing to relocate to SD or SF.
Also, If there's anyone here in LA(or SD) who is willing to share their experience over a cup of coffee - please let me know.

Cheers monkeys!