Opinion of Offers for the Summer?

I go to a public Ivy, non-target school. Great for Consulting or Big 4 though. I will be an upcoming senior this fall, only have Search Fund Intern(Due to going to CC my last two years of High school). My goal is to break into F500 O&G Rotational Program. Maybe Corp Devp Post MBA, but I'm not sure.

I have three offers for this summer:

One with Rapidly Growing MedTech Firm doing mostly accounting work(AP, AR, Bank Rec, Journal, ad hoc projects, etc.) Work would be directly under the controller.

One offer is with a Small Valuation Firm specializing in Corp Strategic Planning(Transaction opinions, Restructuring) for private firms, Compliance(stock comp, fin reporting), Dispute Advisory and Litigation Support, Personal Ownership Planning (Estate, Succession Planning). Guys here have ASA, CFA Certs.

Last is F500, FP&A or M&A department(my choice).

I understand rotational programs typically recruit students earlier in their studies, and I already spoke with a recruiter, and she said it was fine if I delayed my graduation from June 2019 to Fall/Winter 2019.

Any advice would be helpful, as I know all of these functions within these summer interns can be useful to my goal.

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May 18, 2018

What is a public ivy?

But I would choose between the latter 2 options depending on which kind of work you like more. Both sound like good experience.

May 18, 2018

Thanks for the reply man, Just a term used to categorize best public universities among STEM ppl(ex. U of Mich, UT, UF, Univ of Wash, Univ of Wisc).

One thing that drew me towards the growing company is they just got done with a round of funding from a VC, and have capital to grow. So the finance/accounting team is growing, developing their own systems and procedures, and will have lots of projects. Additionally, I would work directly with controller & cfo. Company size is 100+ employees

But I appreciate your advice, will end up picking the latter of the two.

May 19, 2018

If I were you, I'd be deciding between the F500 M&A department or the valuation firm, as it'd personally align with my future goals -- accounting work would also make me want to blow my brains out

May 19, 2018