Personal trading restrictions in real estate field?

Hi guys - I am wondering what does personal trading restriction policies look like for people working in real estate companies? I currently work in commercial banking in a big bank and am sick of all the restrictions on me (and on my future partner)

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Nov 9, 2021 - 5:59pm

According to the laws of New York, you can't trade in the financial market. You have the right to trade, but you must be a member of a brokerage firm, so if you are engaged in trading yourself, you will need to become a client of a brokerage company and sign a contract. Then the brokerage firm must approve the work of its client as a trader. I agree that it limits your actions, but there are specific reasons for that. And unfortunately, we can't change that, so it's better to invest in other available sources, like Tulum Real Estate.

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Nov 19, 2021 - 8:41pm

I work at a larger bank as well and we have restrictions, and they are very annoying. We have to clear every trade and if we don't, or trade a particular stock they deny us, we face financial penalties and potentially losing our job, apparently. There are certain stocks that I've requested approval for 4-5 times throughout this year that always get denied, but other companies in their sector don't. I'm guessing this may be because the bank advises that client, but am not sure. I also get no response at all from compliance teams when they ask, which is really annoying.

I accidentally bought a particular airline stock during the pandemic after they denied the trade request, think I got it confused or something because they OK'd a competitor stock, and they actually threatened to make me ineligible for a portion of my variable comp. Seemed pretty ridiculous to me but they mean business 

It's super frustrating because I have absolutely no overlap with equities or private client type arrangements, can't even see into those systems. I've lost out on a good amount of potential trades because of it, but have learned to not check in on trades I wanted to make but couldn't, for that reason. It is what it is

Do you mean your future partner (Gf/bf?) is also restricted, or that if/when you're married, they will be? I assume the latter.. The former doesn't seem legal to me 

Nov 23, 2021 - 10:03pm

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