Phone interview offered by MD of bank, not HR?

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Fellow monkeys:

I've recently (well, yesterday afternoon, actually) received an email from an MD in the local office of one of the banks I applied to regarding an analyst position for 2013 requesting a "brief 15-20 min" phone interview with me.

My questions are as follows:

Is it normal to have an individual from the bank, not HR, contact you to inform you of a first-round interview? I've never had this happen to me; it's always been HR who makes the announcement.

Also, what does a "brief" 15-20 min mean? I've never had such a short interview, regardless of whether it was on-site or telephone.

Thanks guys!

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Nov 17, 2012

Bot are entirely normal. He's trying to get to know you. If he begins with first names, then use his first name... try to create a good impression. Don't dazzle him with facts, just show you're enthusiastic. No arrogance please.

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Nov 17, 2012

Even at larger firms (i.e., bulge-bracket banks), I probably had first rounds with banking employees as frequently as with HR, if not more frequently. Just prepare whatever you can on this guy, what he does, and pay attention to what he says so you can ask good questions. In such a short time frame, I doubt that he will delve into technical questions. Along the same lines you may not want to spend as much time as you'd like walking him through your resume.

Nov 17, 2012