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I'm a rising Senior at UC Berkeley (Haas undergrad) finishing up my financial analyst internship at Amazon this Summer. After much reflection, I realized I may not like working in excel all day on boring metrics. I am having somewhat of a change of heart and I am no longer sure what kind of job I am searching for. This Summer seriously made me realize that I am much more into the deal, people, project aspect of business. I originally wanted to do IB like so many here, but missed the window for summer internship recruiting last year when I realized Berkeley and Haas had done nothing to prepare me for those interviews.

I currently stand at a 3.68 GPA, and will work hard to increase it in the next 2 semesters to a 3.7. I am the President of my Fraternity, VP of my Consulting Club, and am part of a Cal sports team.

At this point, is it reasonable for me to recruit for a full time role in IB? I understand being an analyst will suck. I am interested in the M&A and deal aspect of the job, but also understand I likely will be doing all the modeling and analysis work. But exiting into a Business development or VC role is 1 intended goal.

For all my life, I've considered being AF Pilot, and have been saving up to pay for flight lessons and apply to OTS after I graduate as a potential move. But I also love Business and want to do something where I can see impact, feel like I have ownership or am part of something.

I was therefore wondering what kind of other jobs I might want to consider that involve deals, people, projects? Something with creative thinking. Problem solving. Decision making. Maybe I've grown to love my role as President of a Fraternity, working to accomplish a vision, with key stakeholders both internally and externally, on many small projects, while creatively coming up with solutions to ridiculous problems, and making a real impact, that I can see. I love it, and I want to replicate that in a job, and hope to one day make large scale impacts through business.

I've been searching around and found that Microsoft has a Business Development Analyst role for recent grads that seems extremely interesting. Consulting is another potential path, but I understand MBB is extremely competitive. I also would like to go M7 or T16 down the line, so something that helps me get there.

I know I seem lost, and to be honest, it's the first time in my life I feel this way. I'm honestly completely unsure about what to do since finishing this internship was so easy for me and so uninteresting. But I want something that makes me proud and fulfilled.

I even am considering taking next Spring off, to discover things, maybe even start a business, travel, and work another internship in the Summer, graduating the next Fall.

**Any suggestions, job ideas, paths you have taken and want to share, life advice, or pointers are what I'm looking for. **

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Aug 8, 2019