Potentially Changing Title on Resume

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I'm currently a director of analytics in Investment Sales and I'm looking to make the move to acquisitions or asset management. I have 3 years of management experience for a total of 5 years in retail commercial real estate analytics. I also have an additional 3 years of experience in single family residential investments prior to my CRE experience. I've been applying for associate level roles as I believe my experience would be comparable to associate level roles. For more clarity, I'm not looking for a management role. With my experience, I do not believe I qualify as a director/AVP/VP of acquisitions or asset management.

That being said, I've only received a single response and I'm wondering if my current title as Director is turning potential employers off due to my title. Would it be wise of me to change my title to my previously held title of Senior Financial Analyst for my current job?

Thanks in advance!

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Mar 1, 2019