Product control vs valuation control

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Product control vs valuation risk control? Which is the better role ? Growth opportunities of both as I am new to this field Would like to hear some suggestions

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Jun 6, 2019

Where are you going to be based?

Valuations over product control any day. Valuations' pay is slightly more than PC. Valuations roles tend to require applicants with postgraduate degrees highlighting the complexity of the role.

Those in pc have very stagnated careers, plus there is a very high staff turnover as people look to escape ASAP compared to other finance teams/areas. In addition, they try to upgrade banks (and/or try to get a higher position this way since it's hard to get promoted internally) if they can't break away from pc - which is the case most of the time if you stay in pc for too long.

Sep 1, 2019

This is an interesting post as I am looking at this as well. I have never thought about valuation control vs product control thing. At my shop, the bank has a group named Valuation Product Control. Yes. Exactly! From what I see, this group is very heavy on quant/modelling stuff and very close to business. It sits in the Capital Markets Finance Department. It is regarded a liaison BETWEEN market risk models (model developers), market risk oversight (model users/owners) AND front-office trading desks. It is regarded as model users/owners. Pay is in line with market risk developers/users/owners, higher than model validators ...

Quant is life.

Sep 1, 2019

Quant is life.