Quitting a job I just started

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I'm in a pretty difficult situation here.
I just graduated from university. I accepted a job offer and I'm supposed to start Monday. At the same time, though, another company contacted me for an interview. The company I'm supposed to be working for is a boutique marketing consulting firm. The job that I'm interviewing for is more related to my field and, presumably, pays more. The company wants me to interview on Monday during work hours, so I had intended to find a way to get off work in the morning so I could go interview. Is this a bad idea?

Also, should I let the interviewer know that I accepted the offer or should I just pretend that I don't have one as it would make me look bad. Also, would that be a bad career move to quit a job I just started after one day?

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Sep 25, 2015

An interview is far from a sure thing, especially if it is a first interview. Try to reschedule your interview to another time if it all possible. If you feel you have a good shot with this interview and you feel comfortable ask the HR person if it would be possible to start on Tuesday to take care of a personal matter as you don't want to take a day off right after you start. I don't think your new employer would mind too much - shouldn't be a big deal.

Sep 25, 2015